Highway Guardrail Barrier

Highway Guardrail is a metal beam passive barrier system mostly processed from corruguated steel plates 10 gauge and 12 gauge, through flattening, punching, hot dipped galvanizing and shearing processes, into solid metal beams with symmetrical shapes of waves, with a radiums ranging from 5’ to 60’, specially installed along the highway road side, bridges, median openings and viaducts for safety and reducing the potential danger of vehicle crashing.

We are an established manufacturer and supplier of matal beam Highway Guardrails in sets, and our products are manufactured with all the latest traffic regulations and signs available in every country to make the road and bridge safer.

We have worked as contractor and supplier for Highways, Road Development, Urban Planning, Transportaion Development Authorities and related companies in many countries for the supply of highway guard railing products, in Africa, and Asia, Europe and America. We also supply trading company, and contracting co. in supplying and installing a range of Aluminium and Steel guard railing system for Highway and Expressway Road Safety.

Design of Guard Rail Layout - We help design, furnish and install Highway Guardrail Project

The spacing of the guard rails shall be revised at bridges, culverts, lighting post, traffic sing board and other special sites.
Crash cushion barrier shall be provided at each exit locations.
Wire cables can be used.
Chain link fence can be used for highway openings.

Our Highway Guardrails is supplied meeting following Quality / Standards:

Dimensions of guardrails and terminal sections as required or per drawings.

Guardrails shall be supplied together with all bolts, nuts, washers and fixing materials required other than bolts for fixing to posts.

The W-beam rail element, backup plates, and terminal sections, channel rail and splice plate shall be in conformance with AASHTO M 183.
Beam rail elements and terminal sections shall be galvanized in accordance with AASHTO M 180, Class A, Type 2. The minimum average weight of Zinc coating shall be 2 ounce per sq. foot. Bolts, nuts, washers, plates, rods and other hardware shall be galvanized in accordance with ASTM A 153.

Guardrails shall comply with the requirements of BS 149. When galvanized guardrails are called for on the drawings or in the Bill of Quantities, a hot-dip galvanized zinc coating that complies with the requirements of BS 763 for coatings on Type A1 articles shall be applied.
All bolts, nuts and washers shall have a hot-dip galvanized zinc coating that complies with the requirements of BS 763 for coatings on Type C1 articles. Galvanized guardrails shall not be nested when stacked for storage.

Guardrail Posts
Box beam posts shall conform to AASHTO-AGC-ARTBA A Guide to Standardized Highway Barrier Hardware, 1995 Edition.
Posts shall have a top diameter of at least 150 mm. Posts with a top diameter up to 230 mm will be acceptable, provided that posts of widely varying diameter are not used together in the same length of guardrail.

Posts shall be drilled and shaped as shown on the drawings and provided with the necessary bolts, nuts, washers and spacer posts for fixing.

Guardrail element and steel post trailing terminal

Highway guardrail products:

Highway guardrail with trailing anchorage
Galvanized W-beam guardrails for highway protection
Guardrail Take-Off
10 gauge metal beam guardrail
12 gauge curved guardrail from 5' to 60' radii, a wide variety of terminal end
Highway guard rails for highway projects with bridges, emergency median opening and viaducts

Guardrail with Trailing Anchorage - for Highway and Highway Bridges Safety
This syetem is a post spacing guardrail sets with steel post trailing terminal, a longitudinal highway barrier designed to reduce the severity of run-off-road collisions.

Highway Guardrail with guardrail trailing anchorage composed of through rail element, guardrail post, strand wire cables. 3/4" stranded wire cable and accessories.
steel rail post W6x9.
Highway Guardrail as per attachment.

Guardrail Take-Off - W-Beam, 6'3" Galvanized
W-Beam, 6'3" Galvanized
End Piece
5/8" x 1-1/4" Splice Bolt, Galvanised
2" x 1" Galvanized Washer
3" x 1 3/4" Rectangular Washer
5/8" x 9 1/2" Hex Bolt & Hex Nut
1-3/4" x 11/16" Galv Steel Washer
5/8" Round Washer Galv.
5/8" x 1-1/4" Recess Nut
Steel Guardrail Post W6x9, 6'
Steel Guardrail Post W6x9, 1'-2"

Guardrails Used for Highway Bridges - Bridge Parapet Barrier
Highway bridge guardrail barrier is a kind of parapet wall barrier designed for construction of city / urban outer ring road bridges. We design and supply highway bridge parapet barrier for contractors and tender projects according to drawings and requirements.

Bridge rails including:
Guardrails on Steel Post Galvanized Steel
End sections
Spare parts

Design: Lap guardrail for traffic flow control

Drawing reference: Highway Bridge Parapet Wall Guardrails System

Galvanized W-beam Guardrails and Post for Highway Road Protection
Guard railings: Steel Guardrails Hot Dip Galvanized
Post: Sigma post
With yellow signs on the end of the guardrails, applied to antennas.

Highway Guardrail Sigma Posts:

Drawing reference:

Sigma Post for W Beam Guardrails

1900x100x55x4mm sigma steel posts

Highway guardrails popularly used in European countries

Drawing reference:

Guardrail system images reference

Highway W Beam Guardrail Barrier and Accessories, Terminal Options- Typical Designs
Common design for highway, expressway, free way:
2m & 4m Interval
3D,3B,3E,3G End Terminals
Emergency opening
Delineators types such as 1,2,2EB

The Guardrail system, including all components conform to Highway Design Standards, for road and bridge construction 2017, issued by the Ministry of Transport and Communication, or related authorities of the applied target country.
W Beam Material
The Beam is manufactured from high quality Hot Rolled coils to AASHTO M 180 by continuous forming and punching system.
Post & Spacer Materials
The post & spacer is fabricated from made out of I Beam WB 150x13.5 kgs/m confirming to ASTM A-36
Bolt Nut & Washer
All fixing bolts, nuts & washers conform to ASTM A 325/Astm A 563 M as applicable and are Hot Deep Galvanized to ASTM 153M
The Guardrail will be Hot Dip Galvanized according to ASSHTO M 180, Type -2 and posts will be Hot Dip Galvanized to ASTM A 123M


W Beam Guardrail Standard section including block and bolts:
(supplied in sets of guardrail length of 3.81m c/c. Each set includes :
1) 1 no 310mm, high 2 wave guardrail, 4.13m long and 2.8mm thickness.
2) 1 no 310X300mm long backing plate, 2.8mm thickness
3) 2 nos spacer block WB 150X13.5 kg/m 360mm long
4) 9 sets of bolts, nuts & washers

Guardrail concrete barrier transition:
Each Set includes:
1)W beam 12.5m long.
2)13nos posts
3)13nos spacer blocks
4)6 nos of backup plate
5)1 No . Shoe
6)110 sets of bolts, nuts&washers
(Rawl Bolts Excluded)

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