HDPE Mining Tailing Pipe

PE mining pipe special raw material not only has excellent long-term compressive strength, but also has excellent resistance to slow stress crack growth and fast stress propagation. HE3490-LS is black PE100 pipe special material, it also has excellent anti-sagging performance. In addition to outstanding antistatic and flame retardant properties, this pipe also has the advantages of high strength, good processing performance, good environmental adaptability, excellent stress cracking resistance and good creep resistance.
HDPE Mining Pipe Features:
1. Strong Corrosion Resistance. The wear resistance of HDPE pipe is stronger than ordinary steel pipe,it is about 4 times than normal steel.
2. No-scale, small frictional resistance and low energy consumption.
3. Light weight, the weight of HDPE pipe is only about 1/5 of the ordinary steel pipe And HDPE pipe can be cut and welded at will. It is convenient to remove, install and repair.

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