HDPE Debris Netting, UV and FR Treated

Lightweight debris nets are manufactured from high density polyethylene ( simplified as HDPE, or PE) monofilaments. HDHigh Density Polyethylene Mesh Safety NettingPE netting with high density mesh is ideal for indoor and outdoor fencing application. The newly improved webbing has extra reinforced border, and eyelets at close intervals, perfect for open sided building and scaffold use.

Cost effective debris netting mesh has reinforced edges at side and middle for great strength.

Material: knitted knotless virgin HDPE.
Length: 50m-100m or as required.
Width: 2m-10m or as required.
Weight:100g-300g / square meters or as required.
Contains reinforced edges at side and middle.
Easy to install, Economic and secure solution.
Treated with UV: ensure the nets keep long lifespan.

* Scaffolding Enclosures and Safety Netting
* Wind Protection or Paint Overspray
* Temporary Walls and Dust Control
* Sandblast Containment or Fence Line

* Knitted Debris Fabric
* Available in 50%, 70% and 90%
* Installs Easily & Easy to Handle
* Can be hung Vertically or Horizontally
* Open weave allows air movement
* Flame Retardant & Non-Flame Available
* Can be purchased in yellow, green, blue, black or white
* Roll Goods, Custom Fabrication
Debris Netting for Scaffolding Working Platform Fall Protection

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