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This die-casting cookware square frying pan has an aluminum design for fast and even cooking. The internal granite non-stick coating is healthy and environmentally friendly. Suitable for all stoves, including induction cookers.

Product Feature
Aluminum design allows for fast and even cooking
Interior Granite non-stick coating is both a he althy and an eco friendly way to cook.
Free of PTFE,PFOA & Cadmium ,Safe Absolutely,ideal for health cooking
Bakelite handles with wood painted soft touch are ergonomically designed, which offer an easy comfortable grip
Tempered glass lids are for easy monitoring of cooking process
For use on all stove tops including induction

Die Cast Aluminium Cookware Note:
1. Extend the service life, not dry to avoid burning pot
2. After cleaning the pot, keep the pot clean
Specifiation Data Sheet:
item Size Thickness
Chicken Pan 28*h7.5 3.5mm
Fry Pan 20*20*h4.5
Applicable to Gas electromagnetic cooker universal
Features No smoke non-stick
Coating marble coating inside,the shiny popular metallic outside coating
MOQ 1000 pcs

Excellent nonstick performance ensure food just slides off and easy cleaning, allowing you healthy cooking with little oil or fat!
Elegant and beautiful design combined the aluminum construction and product use function of fast and even heating, offering more fasion and fun to your life!
Lightweight and durable,multi-heat source applied to the oven of induction, gas, electric, ceramic, halogen!
Advantages of cast aluminum cookware popular among the public:
1. Light weight: Compared with cast iron cookware, cast aluminum cookware is lighter.
2. Fast cooling: Compared with the long heat preservation time of cast iron cookware after cooking, the advantage of cast aluminum cookware is that it can be cooled in a short time.
3. Can be used in stoves and ovens: The same as cast iron cookware is that it can be used in many locations.
4. It can be washed in the dishwasher or soaked in the sink: Compared with cast iron cookware, cast aluminum cookware does not have to worry about the cause of rust, so it can be soaked in water for a long time and does not need to be cleaned in time.
5. Thermal conductivity is better than stainless steel: If the thermal conductivity of stainless steel cookware is very good, then the thermal conductivity of cast aluminum cookware is better than stainless steel.
6. Anti-scratch: The material hardness of cast aluminum cookware is better than stainless steel cookware.
7. Durable
8. Will not rust
9. Easy to release food
10. Ideal for low-to-medium calorie applications

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