Floor spring door used in hospital

floor spring door detail
This series of doors are specially designed for use in hospitals and public places. They are designed for structural use of arc transition, which effectively prevent impact, no dust, and easy to clean. High quality sealing rubber gasket are installed around door leaf. It has the advantages of good air tightness and anti-clamp.The panel is made of HPL which has the advantages of wear-resisting, moistureproof, anti-shock, flame-retardant, anti-bacterial, anti-fouling, rich in color, etc. It can effectively solve the problems of public places and hospitals that are prone to knock, touch and scrape, deformation and others. Floor spring door also apply to the areas that need to be cleaned and sealed as well as the kindergarten and hospital.

EZONG free door Technical reference       
Normal width of door hole(mm) Single door Double door
800,950 2000
Normal height of door hole(mm) 2100
Opening angle 0° ~180°
 Type option       
Kind of choice Sandwich panel Handicraft panel Wall door
Wall thickness(mm) 50,75,100 50 ≥ 100
The type of panel Colored GI panel,SUS panel,HPL,Aluminum panel
The type of lock SUS handle
Controlling type Floor spring

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