Flexible LED Display, flexible led display screen

Flexible LED Display
Flexible LED Display, flexible led display screen, Creative soft led display, 3D LED display
FC Series FC 2.5/4
High Definition Full Color Flexible LED Display
Pixel pitch available: P2.5mm,P4mm
Innovative flexible LED display brings limitless possibility to
designers and architects.
It is a bendable, ultra-slim, light weight led technology that frees designers and
architects to make their concepts stand out in unlimited installations.
High flexibility
Can be any designed forrolled, bend and swing according to customers' needs.
Optional 0.4mm PCB Thickness
Flexible LED Display High Contrast and good flatness
12pcs magnets for better fixed location
Easy to splice, install and maintain
Adopting modular designed by pixel and cabinet.
The module can be easy front/rear maintenance;
Special shape design,even Mobius ring
Different shapes as you can imagine. It can be made into cylinder-shape, S-shape, wave-shape by connecting the modules on frame or cabinet.
NSE supply the LED display: taxi top LED display, LED poster, Flexible LED display. It is a professional portable LED sign manufacturer full of experience and creativity.
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