FC-UV4060 MAX PLUS UV-LED Direct to Substrate Printer

Freecolor's FC-UV4060 MAX PLUS is our new multifunctional printer ! with double printhead, adopt double CMYK and 4xWhite color model, which greatly increase the print speed to meet your large jobs requirement. This new technology combine UV curable inks and a built-in UV-LED lamp to produce vibrant full color and textured imprints that cure rock-solid on a huge variety of substrates, including dark and clear materials!
Freecolor's FC-UV4060 MAX PLUS has a large imprint area of 18”W x 25”L x 8”H. The built-in automatic height sensor will detect products and position the flatbed so they are at an optimum distance (2mm) from the print head to maintain the highest quality imprints possible.
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Our repositionable tray fixtures make it easy to print on products of varying shapes and materials. Simply lift off one tray and slide in a new one to change from one product to another. Print speed for a full print run ranges from 1 mins to 5 mins. The built-in UV-LED lamp cures the inks instantly as they are printed for rock-solid, durable imprints on metal, glass, wood, stone, plastic, fabric, vinyl and MUCH more!
Printer Model FC-UV4060 MAX PLUS
Print head 2 pieces Epson TX800 head
Print Speed 2-5 square meter per hour
Print Size 45x65cm max.
Print Height 20cm max.
Rotary Device Optional
Print Resolution 720x1080 / 720x1440 / 720x2160 dpi
RIP Software Maintop 6.0 or Photoprint 12
Cleaning System Auto Cleaning System
White Ciculation System Yes
Ink Supply System Open Bulk Tank With Ink Lack Alarm Device
Printer Dimension 920x940x570mm
Computer System Requirement Windows 7 / 10 64bit
Connection Port USB 2.0 /3.0
Cooling System Water Circulation Cooling
Motor Brand Leadshine Servo

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Freecolor is global leader in direct-to-substrate, light industrial inkjet printing equipment with its main office in Shanghai,China Known as "Easy print ”Freecolor has developed the exciting ability to print on a wide variety of substrates such as wood, metals, plastics, ...