Expanded Metal Ceiling Decorative Panels

Expanded metal ceilings are ideal for architectural and modern building designs, both interior and exterior. Expanded mesh ceilings feature light weight, good air flow, light flow, decorative hole pattern and easy installation. Using of modular expanded metal cladding tiles render easy installation and maintenance of the ceiling construction.

The metal mesh cladding sheet is popularly used in architectural ceiling projects where easy maintenance and assembly is required for certain facilities, such as:
Insulation system;
Tele cable;
Air system;
Computer networks;

Uniform of strength and property: the mesh is formed from a single piece of metal
Environment friendly: no wasteful of material
High strength: expanded metal has higher strength to weight ration
Light weight and good rigidity
Screening: Effective light permeation
Good air flow
Good resistance to corrosion
Module panels or custom designs for mesh, frame, sizes

Expanded Metal Ceiling in Galvanized Steel

Flat Diamond Shape Expanded Steel Sheet
Exported to European countries
In rolls in size 630 x 630 mm
Material: Galvanized steel expanded sheet
Shape: Dimond shaped flat sheet

Technical details, pls refer to drawings.

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