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Supoheer Eps Moulding Machine Features:
EPS styrofoam packaging box shape moulding making machine FEATURES
1.Control System :
The machine is integrated with international advanced electronic original components with PLC Programmable Logic
Controller (Germany Siemens) and convenient touch screen displayer. With many self-protection and alarm system, it is easily operated to carrry out automatic production from feeding, temperature control , ration, pressurizing, etc.
2. Work Modes:
It works in two modes: normal feeding and pressure feeding of material , and the tow modes can be switched as the structure & form of the mould. It is optional for full automatic, semi-automatic and manual operating method.
3.Steam System:
The machine is with equilibrium valve to ensure the steam and temperature stable , and less steam consumption.
4.Power System:
The machine is driven by hydraulic pressure with a fast/slow differential system to ensure the precise time for mould opening and clozing in an economized time and stable operation.
5. Vacuum System (optional):
Eps Equipment is with excellent vacuum system to accelerate product shaping speed, shorter the cooling time & reduce product water content.
6.Other Advantage:
The machine can automatic and efficient carry out heating , cooling , feeding and ingot stripping process to adapt to different EPS products. Various of heating methods can be optionally used as per the product form so as to ensure the product quality. A vacuum and negative pressure system can ensure a low water content , rapid shaping , and shorer drying period ( or without drying)

Product technical parameters:
Item Unit GXC1412 GXC1714 GXC1816 GXC1915
Standard mold size MM 1400x1200 1700x1400 1800x1600 1900x1500
Finish product size MM 1200x1000x380 1500x1200x380 1600x1400x380 1700x1300x380
Mold opening distance MM 210-1610 210-1610 210-1610 210-1610
Steam consumption T/T 8-12
Steam inlet MM DN100 DN100 DN100 DN100
Cooling water inlet MM DN80 DN80 DN80 DN80
Discharge hole MM DN125 DN150 DN150 DN150
Compressed air consumption KG/cycle 1.4 1.6 1.8 1.8
Vacuum pump air suction volume M3/min 4.66 4.66 4.66 4.66
Installed power KW 17.2 17.2 20.7 20.7
Overall dimension MM 4950x2300x5350 4950x2650x5550 4950X2750X5750 4950X2850X5750
Machine weight T 7.8 8.5 9 9.5
Cycle time Sec 50-110 60-120 60-130 60-130

The forming machine is a foam product mold which is to heat and expand the cured particles in the curing bin and cool them to form a certain size. The cured polystyrene particles are sucked into the cavity of the molding machine through a fan, and the high-temperature steam is directly injected into the cavity through the pores of the mold wall in a short time, so that the air is heated and expanded before overflowing. Meanwhile the foaming agent gas in the particles generates pressure, the infiltrated water vapor also increases the pressure of the gas, and the total pressure in the particles causes the foam to expand, so that the particles are heated and softened.

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