Emamectin Benzoate 1.9% EC

Emamectin benzoate is a new type of high-efficiency semi-synthetic antibiotic insecticide synthesized from the fermentation product abamectin B1. It has the characteristics of super high efficiency, low toxicity, low residue, and pollution-free biological pesticides. . It is widely used for the prevention and control of various pests on vegetables, fruit trees, cotton and other crops.
Introduction to Emamectin benzoate 1.9% ec
Emamectin benzoate 1.9% ec contains 1.9% of active ingredients. It is a water-soluble liquid formulation of low-toxic insecticide and acaricide derived from microorganisms. It is a highly effective biological agent synthesized on the basis of avermectin. As an insecticide and acaricide, emamectin benzoate 1.9% ec has low toxicity, non-toxicity, no residue, wide control range, high biological insecticidal efficacy, and can be mixed. It is a highly effective, low-toxic and environmentally safe insecticide. It can be quickly degraded in the soil and will not accumulate, and it is safe for the environment.
Classification: Insecticide
Content & Formulation: Emamectin 70%-90%TC,1.9%,5%EC, 5%,25%,30%WDG/WSG.
Structure Formula:

Molecular Formula: C49H75NO13 (Emamectin B1a) + C48H73NO13 (Emamectin B1b)
CAS No.: 119791-41-2(B1a);137335-79-6(B1b)
Specifications as follows:

Appearance  Light yellow liquid
Emamectin B1(%)(w/v) ≥ 5.0%
B1a/B1b  ≥20.0
Water content ≤0.8%
PH 4.0-7.5
Emulsion stability No oil slick on the top, no sediment on the bottom
Cold&hot storage stability qualified 54±2℃ for 14 days

Appearance  Off white cylindrical particles 
Content% 5.08%
Water% 1.2%
Disintegration time (s) 35s
Fineness(44μm) % 99%
Suspensibility % 88%
Wetting time (S) 15s
Foamability(ML) 16ML
Particle size(mm) 1.0mm
Conclusion  QualifiedB1a94.23
A(B1a/B1b) 27.58
Conclusion Complied with “GB19336-2003”

Appearance  White to yellowish-white powder
B1 71.2%
B1a 69.4%
Water 1.02%
PH 6.0
Acetone-insoluble material ≤ 0.2%
Conclusion  Complied with Internal Standard " GB20693-2006"

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