electro galvanized wire LANDYOUNG

electro galvanized wire LANDYOUNG
Products Electro-Galvanized Wire (GI wire)
Diameter(mm) 0.15mm-5.2mm
Zinc Thickness 15g/m2 Minimum
Tensile strength 380-450N/MM2
Package coil, spool coil, pallet, basket, ect.

Electro Galvanized Wire (GI wire) is made of high quality low carbon steel wire rod (Q195, Q235). It is processed by forming uniform, dense and well bonded metal or alloy deposits on the surface of the product by electrolysis.


Uniform coating and appropriate surface finish

Good weldability, lacquer ability and stamping forming ability

good toughness and elasticity


Made of high quality material

Easy to unroll and install

Accuracy of time control


Be used in make cages, wire mesh, construction, handicrafts, product packaging and daily civilian and other fields. Also be used in various fields such as building, handicraft, wire mesh, galvanized hook net, wall screen, highway fence, product packaging and daily civilian.


In line with BS and ASTM

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