EBZ200 boring machine roadheader-LOREEN

EBZ200 tunneling boring machine is mainly used for rocks with hardness ≤9, including coal roadway, semi-coal roadway and soft rock roadway and tunnel driving. And it can achieve continuous cutting, loading, transport operations.The maximum positioning cut surface can reach 28 square meters, climbing ability is plus-minus (±) 18°.
Roadheader Manufacturers:LOREEN
Technical Parameter

Main Technical Specification EBZ200
Power of cutting motor 200Kw
Power of fuel pump motor 132Kw
Location Cutting range Height: 4.8 m
Width: 6.3 m
Machine weight 72 T
Dimension (LXWXH) 11.3X3.2X1.88 m
Rotary speed of cutter head 46/23 r/min
Rotary speed of star wheel 28 r/min
Loading capacity 4 m³/min
Speed of 1st conveyor 50 m/min
Speed of driving unit 0~6.6m/min
Gradeability ±18º
Gantry height 420 mm
Fuel tank volume 600 L
Dinting depth 0.24m
Supply voltage AC1140/660V

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LOREEN is affiliated to shandong energy xinwen mining group, a super large enterprise. Founded in 1956, the group is an old leading enterprise in China's coal industry. In the mining process of more than 50 years, it is the first coal enterprise to use imported fully mecha ...