Double Head CNC Lathe DNL061/DNL062

Double Head CNC Lathe Description
Both ends of the one clamping are processed at the same time or independently, the compact vertical cutter double head CNC lathe with 100-480 mm turning length is suitable for turning, drilling, tapping and boring of precision shaft parts. Compared with traditional CNC lathe, one is equivalent to the machining efficiency of two machines, and the coaxiality can reach μ level. High precision, high efficiency, it can carry with truss or joint robot and automatical line.
Technical Parameters
Max Body Rotate Diameter, mm Ø200 Ø200
Clamping Diameter Scope, mm Ø15-Ø50 Ø15-Ø50
Turning Length Scope, mm 100-300 300-480
Spindle Clamp Diameter, mm Ø50 Ø50
X/Z Travel , mm 280/180 280/180
X/Z Fast Speed, m/min 18/24 18/24
Fool Type cutter cutter

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