Custom Steel Warehouse, Workshop custom warehouse Supplier

Custom Steel Warehouse, Workshop custom warehouse Supplier steel warehouse Installation factory

Our light Steel Warehouse can save time and can be installed in any weather. 

Custom Steel Warehouse Technical Parameters:

Item Name steel construction
Main Material Q235/Q345(Q 355) Welded H (box) steel / truss / Hot Rolled Section Steel / square steel tube,C/Z purlin
Surface Hot Dip Galvanized or Painted (all colours we can do )
Roof & Wall Panel EPS, Rockwool, PU Sandwich panel /Single Corrugated Steel Sheet/ Colour sheet with Glass-wool
Window PVC Steel or Aluminum Alloy
Door Sliding Door(sandwich panel) or Rolling Up Door
Crane 5T,10T,15T,etc. As request
Bolt Foundation bolt, High strengthen bolt, normal bolt, screw, rivet
Service Design, Fabrication and Installation
We can make quotation according to customer's drawing or requirements
(size by length/width/height), offering a free design
drawing and all detailed drawings for installation.
Packing According to customer's requirements
Load into 40/20GP,40HQ or 40OT
Design Parameters 1) Live load on roof (KN/M2)
2) Wind speed (KM/H)
3) Snow load (KG/M2) - If Applicable
4) Seismic load - If Applicable
5) Size: width X length X eave height, roof slope
6) Style of roof drainage: with gutter & rain pipes or non? is there Parapet wall?
7) Crane (if you have), Crane span, Crane lift height, max lift capacity, max wheel pressure and min. wheel pressure
8) Style & position of Doors and Windows
9) other your idea!

Custom Steel Warehouse Details:

Our light steel construction can save time and can be installed in any weather. Also the house have advantage of is fire-proof, heat/cold-insulation, non-shrinking and enlarge the work size and have little pollutions, we produce and install different kinds of light steel construction which have a good framework. They are safe, easy to install and disassemble, also can be used multiple times without special tools. Special used in warehouse, workshop, temporary office, etc. We have an excellent designing team and we can produce according to the customers' requirements.

Xin Guang Zheng Custom Warehouse Features:

1. Reliable structure:
light steel structure is the frame of our building, which meets the design requirements of steel structure.
2. Easy to install and disassemble:
Standardized components make it easy to install and dismantle. It is especially suitable for emergency projects.
3. Attractive appearance:
Because prepainted steel sheet or sandwich panel is adopted, the whole structure is handsome.
4. Environment friendly and economical:
Reasonalbe design makes it reusable. The reusable character makes it environment friendly and economical.
5. Cost efficient:
First class material, reasonable price, once and for all investment, low requirements for base and short completion time make it cost efficient.
6. Relocatable:
It can be relocated many times. It has 15 to 20 years durability.

If you want know the Custom Warehouse price, you can contact us. We can production and installation according to the customers' requirements!
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