custom Cylinder Head

Our factory produce both alumium cylinder head and casting cylinder head for cars and trucks. Kindly please check our below available list for details of OEM NO, Engine, Car model. 

Cylinder head assembly for QR20 Nissan Gasoline 2.0 16V
 auto engine parts, cylinder head assembly, completed cylinder head for  QR20 Nissan Gasoline 2.0 16V 

casting cylinder head for trucks Material: Alumium
Warranty: 1 year or 40,000kms
Shipping: Stock 
aluminum cylinder head Payment: By TT or Paypal or Western Union
price Breakdown:
1PCS  20PCS 50PCS 100PCS 1000PCS
350.00 342.86 335.71 328.57 321.43
More information you can view here
The following custom Cylinder Head number are available in our line: 
TF-339 11041-00QAE NISSAN F9Q
TF-022 11042-9C640 AMC909014 11039-7C001 NISSAN LD23
TF-022-1 11042-9C64D NISSAN LD23 with cam. Bearing cover
TF-177 2.8TD(11040-34J04)    AMC908503 NISSAN RD28T,   hydraulic lifters
TF-177-1 2.8TD(11040-34J04)    AMC908504 NISSAN RD28T,   mechanical   lifters
TF-177-2 AMC908502 , 11040-34J04 NISSAN RD28T  , hydraulic lifters
TF-177-3 AMC908501   NISSAN RD28T  , hydraulic lifters
TF-047 11041-29W01/09W00  NISSAN SD22
TF-048 11041-29W01 NISSAN SD23
TF-740 11040-MA00A 11041-MA00A NISSAN QR25 NISSAN X - Trail Altima Primera Bluebird 2001-06 2.5L
TF-740-Assy  11040-MA00A 11041-MA00A NISSAN QR25 NISSAN X - Trail Altima Primera Bluebird 2001-06 2.5L

We produde automobile spare parts,mainly including casting cylinder head, OEM Alloy steel crankshafts for cars

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