Climb the protective fence

1.What is a climbing net
As the name suggests, the anti-climbing fence is designed to prevent anyone from climbing your fence and entering potentially dangerous areas. The grid holes must be small enough to prevent people from stepping on their feet or hands and climbing over the fence.YILONG anti-climbing net is the gold standard of anti-climbing safety net fence.
The anti-crawl net is made of high-quality 4mm high-strength steel mesh. Its aperture size is 71mm x 9mm, which is too small for hands or feet (358 means inch size: 3 inches x 0.5 inches x 8 specifications). This will not cause unnecessary danger due to the small size of the child’s hands
2.Anti-crawl design
An effective anti-climbing fence design needs to meet the minimum fence height, and only the right height can effectively prevent disasters. Studies have shown that the anti-climbing fence should be at least 2.1 meters, but if there are railings or other objects nearby that can be used to assist climbing, the minimum height should be increased to take these factors into account.
3.Why does anti-crawl work?
The advantages of YILONG anti-crawl net:
Extremely difficult to climb, with extremely small holes, difficult to hold with hands and feet. 2. Strong anti-cutting ability 3. It will not affect the visual effect, and the audience will feel very comfortable. 4.Suitable for camera monitoring and monitoring.
Climbing can ensure safety in the following environments: Airports, terminals and railways School, library, hospital Dangerous natural landscapes such as cliffs and waterfalls Dangerous animal enclosures, zoos and aquariums.
4.Benefits of climbing nets:
The so-called climbing net is to prevent people from climbing to ensure personal safety. Inadequate anti-climbing safety measures may also expose you to health and safety infringement penalties and legal issues.
YILONG climbing nets can't help you save money, reduce installation costs, and effectively eliminate potential safety hazards. The anti-corrosion paint used is four times the other.

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