Carnosic Acid 90% High Purity Carnosic Acid rosemary extract powder

Carnosic Acid 90% High Purity Carnosic Acid rosemary extract powder rosemary extract manufacturer

Product Description
Oil Series Rosemary Extract is derived from Oraganic Rosemary dried leaves by SUPER BIOTECH perform GMP Criteria strigently, extracted in method of solvent Food Grade Ethanol.
The study indicates that Rosemary extract has strong antioxidant ability and stable heat resistance, high medicine and health value, etc.
Plant Latin Name: Rosemarinus officinalis L.
Product Description: High purity Carnosic Acid
Specification: 90%
Appearance: Light yellow powder
CAS No.: 3650-09-7
Quality Standard: Petsicides, Solvent Residuals, PAHS are under strigent conctrol AND conformed to Europe Food Additive Criteria, E392;
Function Characteristic: Anti-Oxidated, Anti-Aged, Scavenge Free Radical, Improve the blood circulation, Protect DNA from oxidation, restrain the formation of early tumor; Meliorate skin problems, such as pachylosis, desquamation and dryness, Preventing microorganism and poisonous substance in epidermis cell from expansion, etc.
Super-Carnosic Acid Application scope: applied in Top Grade Cosmetics and Health Products, Pharmaceutical Products, food supplement, etc.
Lead Time: 15 days
Packages (Food Grade): 2kgs/Aluminium Jar
Storage condition: Stored at room temperature, well sealed and protected from light and humidity.
Shelf Life: 12 Months

Super Biotech is a rosemary extract manufacturer engaged in the deep processing and industrialization of organic rosemary extract, and natural extraction engineering technology research center.

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