Bolted Nestable Metal Culvert Pipe   Corrugated Metal Culvert suppliers

Bolted Nestable Metal Culvert Pipe   Corrugated Metal Culvert suppliers in China
1. Corrugated Metal Culvert Advantages and Applications
Nestable corrugated culvert pipe offers a fast and economical solution to contractors and owners who require a strong casing to place around an already installed utility line. This can be done easily without disrupting the line to be encased. Also can be used in the petroleum, chemical protection shell pipe, and infrastructure construction.
There are two standard methods used in attaching the half-round pipe segments together bolting and flanges. Nesting, a shipping technique developed in the 1930's, was devised to eliminate problems for overseas shipment. It provides an economical solution to conserve shipping space.
Bolted Nestable Metal Culvert Pipe include:
Quality      Nestable corrugated culvert pipe are manufactured to meet the international quality
Strength     Corrugated metal Pipe have great strength in proportion to their weight
Flexible      Flexible structures can absorb impact without breaking or disjointing
Durability    The use of high quality 600g/m2 galvanized steel
Transport    The“nested” arrangement provides for maximum freight economy.
Assembly    The quick and easy assembly of Bolted Nestable Metal Culvert Pipe saves both time and installation costs.
Economy    Low material and installation costs ensure Nestable corrugated metal pipes are extremely price competitive.
Service Experienced YiTong engineers are availabe to provide asistance as and when required.
2.Nestable Semicircular Corrugated Metal Pipe Assembly:
The technical data included in this brochure is applicable to flanged type pipe and bolting type pipe both. Revelant data on the other types are available on request. Corrugated metal culvert is made from galvanized steel sheets with corrugations 68mm width by 13mm depth and corrugations 75mm width by 25mm depth. The 68X13mm in 20 corrugations with an effective laying length 1360mm. The sheets in thickness from 1.6~4.2mm. The 75X25mm corrugations, if the sheet thickness is smaller than 3mm, it is in 16 corrugations with an effective laying length 1200mm, if the sheet thickness is bigger than 3mm, it is in 17 corrugations with an effective laying length 1275mm. Field assembley is accomplished by bolting the sections together at the flange with M12X40 galvanized nuts and bolts.
Diameter 2.0mm 2.75mm 3.0mm 3.75mm 4.75mm
600mm ● min:0.3m
max:43m ● Min:0.3m  
Max:58m  ● Min:0.3m  
Max:61m ● Min:0.3m
700mm ● Min:0.3m  
Max:35m ● Min:0.3m  
Max:53m ● Min:0.3m  
Max:53m ● Min:0.3m  
800mm ● Min:0.3m  
Max:31m ● Min:0.3m  
Max:46m ● Min:0.3m  
Max:50m ● Min:0.3m  
1000mm ● Min:0.3m  
Max:25m ● Min:0.3m  
Max:36m ● Min:0.3m  
Max:38m ● Min:0.3m  
1200mm ● Min:0.5m  
Max:18m ● Min:0.5m  
Max:29m ● Min:0.5m  
Max:32m ● Min:0.5m  
Max:32m ● Min:0.5m  
1400mm ● Min:0.5m  
Max:28m ● Min:0.5m  
Max:30m ● Min:0.5m  
Max:30m ● Min:0.5m  
1500mm ● Min:0.5m  
Max:23m ● Min:0.5m  
Max:25m ● Min:0.5m  
Max:25m ● Min:0.5m  
1600mm ●
Max:16m ● Min:0.5m  
Max:18m ● Min:0.5m  
Max:30m ● Min:0.5m  
1800mm ● Min:0.5m  
Max:20m ● Min:0.5m  
Max:24m ● Min:0.5m  
Max:28m ● Min:0.5m  
2000mm ● Min:0.5m  
Max:18m ● Min:0.5m  
Max:22m ● Min:0.5m  
Max:28m ● Min:0.5m  
Tips:  1.the data of sheet means depth of fill, named min and max;
     2.different diameter, thickness,length and other size are available, accroding to your requirement.

Nestable semicircle corrugated metal pipe widely used in storm sewers, culvert, agricultural irrigation, Cable protection; there are flanged and riveting two types.
Anti-corrosion treatment: preservcotive (usually by coating asphalt or polymer coating), Hot Dip Galvanized
We can provide comprehensive design and construction projects according to customer needs and site conditions.Nestable semicircular corrugated metal pipe culvert have corrugation 68mm x 13mm corrugated metal culvert and Corrugation 76mm x 25mm corrugated metal culvert.
we specialized in manufacturing corrugated metal culvert, Spiral Corrugated Pipe, Steel corrugated pipe culvert, Corrugated steel pipe culverts.etc
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