Aluminum Checker Plate

Aluminum checkered plate is a light weight metal panel used as architecture decorative panels and metal tread plate.

Excellent rust resistance and fire resistance make the aluminum chequered panels high grade building materials in modern architectures:
Façade, windows, doors, ceiling panel tiles, decorating panel and curtain walls;
Household appliances: refrigerators, microwave ovens, audio equipment, etc.
Metal floor Plate: Automobile, airplane, light rail, vehicle steps, stair treads, elevators, etc.
Bar Types: Aluminium Checkered Plate can be supplied with diamond pattern checkered in one bar, three bar and five bar styles:
Aluminum Alloy Types for Checkered Plates, Different Features and Uses:
Aluminum Checkered Plates can be made from major 1000series, 3000series, 5000 series, 6000 series and 8000 series aluminum alloy materials. These aluminium alloy plates offer different features and uses. Details as listed below:
Producing Line :
We have one 1+2 hot rolling production line, six 2450mm, 2050mm, 1650mm, 1450mm cold rolling lines, two 1650mm foil rolling production lines, two 1850mm continuous rolling production lines and one roll coating production line. These equipment enables us to provide quality checkered plates products for our customers.
Aluminum Checkered Plate Popular Specifications:
Popular materials: aluminum checkered plate 1100 3003 5052
alloy: 1060 3003 3105
temper: H14
Plate thickness: 1.0mm-6.0mm
Plate width:900mm-1500mm
Aluminium checkered tread plates:
Alloy: 1100,1060, 3003, 5005 5052
Temper: H14,H18,H24,H32
Plate Thickness (mm): 1.5mm to 6mm
Width (mm): Up to 1500mm
Length (mm): Up to 6000mm
Standard: EN standard ASTM standard

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