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Product Details
Extension technology production infrared optical lens is applied to the fire alarm, navigational aids, night vision patrol, the product having a compact structure, small volume, light weight and other characteristics;
Product Case:
Near infrared lens (SWIR)
model Near infrared 50mm
Optical parameter
Focal length (mm) 50 (other optional)
F/# 1.2
Field of view 18.2° × 13.7°
Working band 0.9 to 1.3 μm
Optional detector
Detector type Focal plane array
Pixel 648×480
Cell size 25×25μm
Physical characteristics
Focusing range 335±20nm
Focusing mode Manual
Dimensions Φ60×89
Interface Type Threaded interface
Environmental parameters
Operating temperature -40°C~+60°C
storage temperature -40°C~+60°C

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