8.5 Inch Tire Motor 350w 2 Wheel Folding Foldable Adults Electric Scooter

8.5 Inch Tire Motor 350w 2 Wheel Folding Foldable Adults Electric Scooter Foldable Scooter For Adults Wholesale

Disc brake system, long life, strong climbing ability, high performance, fast folding, highlight control, starting ability
Speed mode and power speed display ECODSport mode, you can easily set up different running environments within easy reach.
The light is not easy to dim after long time use, and the high tail warning light is interfered by any danger. Intelligent turn signals make running at night safer.
The rear wheel disc type helps the rider to stop in time, realize efficient braking and active braking distance.
During this period, the early warning taillights are highlighted to make running safer.
Love brushless motor, pure copper magnet, power output is more stable.
Strong grip, stable and safe
8.5 inch wide tires
Quickly step and climb, release the instinct to upgrade the power of the motor, respond at any time, and run better
Folding and folding design makes folding and stretching easier and faster, which can solve the trouble of carrying and carrying for any user

(H-10) Foldable Adults Electric Scooter specifications
Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China Frame material: aluminum alloy Waterproof rating: IP54
Motor power: 350W brushless motor Charging time: 3-4 hours Product size: 110*43*114mm
Voltage: 36V, 15ah Controller: Voltage protection (30v) Packing size: 112*19*48cm
Maximum climbing degree: 15° Brake: Disc brake Net weight/weight: 12kg/13.5kg
Maximum carrying capacity: 120kg LCD Monitor Accompanying items: charger, wrench
Maximum range: 45KM Style: Fashion folding Delivery time: 15 days
Maximum speed: 25KM Maple foot pedals  

This product produced by Electric Scooter Factory China, Disc brake system, Long lasting life, Strong climbing force, high performance motor, fast folding, HD control panel, High loading capacity

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