30 Minutes Brighter White Instant White Teeth Whitening Pen Teeth

30 minutes brighter white instant white teeth whitening pen teeth advantages:
1.Tidy the teeth surface.
2. Turn completion of the lightening pen in the clockwise direction.
3. Stop revolving if the gel could be seen on the top of the lightening pen.
4. Use the gel externally of the teeth to be lightened rinse the mouth with fresh water 15-20 minutes later on.
2.Amazon Teeth Whitening Pen is gentle, risk-free to use, and fast and effective whitening results are sure to be achieved. This is a simple and easy tooth whitening technique that helps you bleach your teeth more easily. The front brush pen will layer a lightning bolt of liquid on the surface of your teeth, after energetic oxygenation of the whitening agent will pass through the TV enamel and dentin and the redox reaction will surely accompany the skin surface as well as the origin to disintegrate them, as well as finally bleach the teeth.To learn more, click here https://www.onugechina.com/product-category/cosmetic-teeth-whitening/teeth-whitening-pen/

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