2 person recreational family kayak two adults and one kid use

2 person recreational family kayak two adults and one kid use
Material: Polyethylene---LLDPE; HDPE

Model: EKSIT40000

Hull Warranty: 3 years

Dimension: 3.98M×0.84M×0.34M

G.W./N.W.: 40/37kgs

Capacity: 280kgs

Hull Thickness: 4.5mm average

Anti-UV: 8 degree


2*Build in plastic adult's seat plus a kid's seat in middle

1*Easy adjusted foot rest

2*Front and back carrying handles

1*Mesh bag

1*Back drain plug

Deck bungee cords

Standard Package:

2*Twin poles or one pole paddle

Yiqi Kayak Deluxe Package:

2*Twin poles or one pole paddle

2*CE marked Life jacket

2*CE marked Helmet


1*Soft roof rack or 1*Foldable aluminum roof rack

Container Load:

20ft---24 pcs; 40ftHQ---69 pcs
Our website:https://www.nb-pino.com/


It is a great recreational tandem kayak, a family kayak which providing you a happy family time. The long waterline provides you more speed and stability and less effort during paddling and it is also no stress even for two girls' paddling. The innovative foldable built in plastic seats provides save the volume during packing and transport and also a great comfort for long day paddling.

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