Thrie Beam Guardrails

  07.01.2022 - 31.01.2102, China

The three wave-shaped beam guardrail is an enhanced form of semi-rigid metal fencing for expressway and highway traffic guarding. Compared with the W-beam guardrails, the thrie beams cost high while offering more strength and better collision protection. Thrie-Beam Steel Guardrail is essentially two pieces of W-Beam Guardrail formed into one single piece structure. It is used in specific circumstances where additional coverage may be necessary, such as highway uses.

It works in a form of a continuous corrugated steel structure composed with waved steel guardrail panels connected together and supported by the posts. The beam guardrail works by adsorbing the crashing energy through the base, posts and the beams.

General Technical Information of Thrie Beam Railings:
We supply cold rolled steel guardrails further coated with galvanizing treatment or pvc coating. The raw material is Chinese Standard Q235 low carbon steel sheet.

Processing of Galvanized Steel Thrie Beam Guardrails can be divided into two major steps. First, to fabricate the steel sheet into two or three wave panels through the professional production equipment; then to put the steel sheet into the zinc dipping stove for hot dipped galvanizing.

Steel Guard Rail Panels with Galvanizing Treatment Offering Several Advantages: First, thus treated guard rails have excellent corrosion resistance property; second, such products are suitable for long service life of about 30 years under outdoor, low temperature and acid raining conditions; thirdly, the processed galvanized guardrails have smooth arc and beautiful surface.

Collision coefficient is the key factor for testing of highway guardrails: SciSe thrie-beam or three wave guardrails offer very good collision coefficient.

Advantages of Thrie Beam Highway Guardrail:
Keeping highway neat and tidy;
Protecting pedestrian and animals;
Ensuring the safety of vehicles;
Minimizes accidents and harms occuring.

Minimum Yield Strength : 345N/mm2
Minimum Tensile Strength :483N/mm2
Minmum Elongation:12%

Uses of Thrie Beam Highway Guardrails:
Thrie Beam Highway guardrails work as passive protectors to ensure the safety of the pedestrians by the wayside and the vehicles. Highway guardrails are designed in pursuance to the principle of keeping the vehicle inside the road in a secure way and at the same time minimizing the loss of life and property in case of an accident.

We manufacture thrie-beam highway guardrails according to those Standards below:
a. JT/T 281-1995(Corrugated Sheet Steel Beams For Expressway Guardrail - China)
b. AASHTO-M180 (Corrugated Sheet Steel Beams For Highway Guardrail - USA)
c. RAL RG620 (Germany)
d. Or tailor-make according to client's requirements

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