Wooden surface Fire-Proof Aluminium Composite Panel 

Wooden surface Fire-Proof Aluminium Composite Panel 
Wooden surface Composite Panel 

FR (Fireproof) Aluminum Composite Panel ACP
SHUANGOU FR (Fireproof) ACP Product introduction
SHUANGOU FR (Fireproof) Aluminum composite panel ACP is a kind of panel made of fireproof plastic core between two aluminum skin, This is a kind of building material with complex environmental protection requirements,because of the fireproof plastic core, the panel can reach B1 FR Grade with the FR property test of GB/T8624-2006/2012, ASTM-E84 and EN13501.

SHUANGOU FR (Fireproof) ACP Raw Materials
Aluminum skin material: high strength aluminum alloy 1 Series or 3 Series sheets
Plastic Core: Non-toxic Fire-resistant (FR) core
Surface paint: Polyester or PVDF Kynar coating

SHUANGOU FR (Fireproof) ACP Specification
Width: 1220mm, 1250mm, 1500mm.
Length: According to customer needs, even up to more than10 meters. (Suitable length can be selected according to container size.)
Panel thickness: 3mm~6mm, 4 mm is suitable for external wall.
Aluminum skin thickness: 0.21mm~0.50mm, 0.30mm and 0.40mm is suitable for external wall.
Standard size: 1220mm x 2440mm (4' x 8'); 1500mm x 3050mm (5' x 10')
Colors: Provide SHUANGOU color chart with more than 50 colors,Color sample color matching provided by customers is acceptable.

SHUANGOU FR (Fireproof) ACP Advantage
Why choose SHUANGOU FR (Fireproof) Aluminum composite panel ACP?
Easy to maintain.
Easy to process.
Easy to install.
Hard-burning, FR B1 Grade
Excellent coating property.

SHUANGOU FR (Fireproof) ACP Fire-resistance Performance Standard
China: GB/T8627, GB/T8624-2006/2012, GB-T17748-2016 B1
Germany: DIN 4102 (B1 degree)
U.S.A: ASTM E84. (A degree)
France: NFF16-101 (M1, M2 degree)
EUROPE: EN13501 (B1 degree)
U.K.: BS-476 (1 degree)

Fire Proof Aluminium Composite Panel 
Level and Combustion Property
A degree: None-combustion
B1 degree: Hard-combustion, Self-extinguishment
B2 degree: Combustion
B3 degree: Combustible

Class B1 Burning Test (GB/T8625-88)
Minimum value of remaining length after burning (mm) > 0 (Result: 480)
Average value of remaining length after burning (mm) ≥ 150 (Result: 160)
Temperature of smoke (℃) ≤ 200 (Result: 78)
Height of fire (mm) ≤150 (Result: 12)
Grade of smoke density < 75 (Result: 9)

SHUANGOU FR (Fireproof) ACP Applications
SHUANGOU FR (Fireproof) Aluminum composite panel ACP Widely used in exterior cladding & curtain wall projects of high-grade buildings, such as bank, hospital, airport, subway, railway station, business office building, etc.

SHUANGOU FR (Fireproof) ACP Packing
General packaging: After stacking SHUANGOU FR (Fireproof) ACP, the panels are packed with plastic steel strips, and the surface is covered with cardboard.

Advanced packaging: Use high-quality wood pallets (fumigation pallets if there is a special need), and use three plywood to pack into wooden boxes on four sides after stacking SHUANGOU FR (Fireproof) ACP.

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