Wholesale Fuse Cutout, Fuse Cutout Manufacturer

Wholesale Fuse Cutout, Fuse Cutout Manufacturer
In electrical distribution, a fuse cutout or cut-out fuse is a combination of a fuse and a switch, used in primary overhead feeder lines and taps to protect distribution transformers from current surges and overloads. An overcurrent caused by a fault in the transformer or customer circuit will cause the fuse to melt, disconnecting the transformer from the line. It can also be opened manually by utility linemen standing on the ground and using a long insulating stick called a "hot stick".
Wholesale Fuse Cutout ‘s Construction
The fuse elements used in most distribution cutouts are tin or silver alloy wires that melt when subjected to high enough current. Ampere ratings of fuse elements vary from 1 ampere to 200 amperes.
Up until the mid-1990s each manufacturer used their own dimensional standards for cutout design; by the late 1990s most cutouts were of an "interchangeable design". This design allows for the interchangeable use of cutout bodies and fuse holders manufactured by different vendors. You can know more by click https://www.taporellinefitting.com/about/.

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