Weijia skin cleansing layer

Weijia skin cleansing layer

Use the latest fibers to enhance the hydrophilicity of the product.

Properties: This product uses the latest generation of fibers to enhance the hydrophilicity of the fibers. Compared with the normal surface layer, the product enhances the stability and fastness of the oil representative, improves the hydrophilicity of the finished product, and eliminates safety hazards such as yellowing. The function of the surface layer is to quickly capture the fluid and move it quickly to the reduction layer product. The reducing layer product diffuses so that the absorbent layer absorbs and retains its own complete drying properties. Sanitary pads made from this skin-close layer achieve a single point of penetration, nondiffusion, reduce reverse osmosis and "occult blood" effect, so called "clean surface area layer", can reduce women's stigma. Most importantly, a clean surface layer has a dry effect and will feel dry when used by women, which meets their requirements for comfort.

Use: It is suitable for the sanitary protective layer of skin.

Specifications: Weight: 18GSM-40GSM Width: 50mm-2400mm

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