Swivel Joint high speed rotary union manufacturer

Swivel Joint high speed rotary union manufacturer rotating joint stainless connector steel pipe coupling

Relying on the advantages of industry experts and high-quality production capacity, Changsong industrial fluid division is specialized in the development, design, production and manufacturing of industrial machinery, and has long served the industries of electric power, steel, petroleum, chemical industry and large-scale equipment plants. Main products: mechanical seals, hydraulic equipment, environmental protection equipment, steel continuous casting machine manufacturing and repair, rotary joint, metal seal, rubber seal, high and low voltage distribution cabinet, metal hose, cable protection pipe, cable joint, bellows, compensator, etc., and undertake the installation and maintenance of metallurgical, electrical machinery and equipment.

Changsong industry is an important partner of primetals (formerly Siemens VAI). It absorbs and integrates the corporate culture and business philosophy of primetals. It takes quality and safety as the gene, customer value as the guide and customer trust as the goal. It takes various ways such as emergency supply, on-site service and joint venture to meet customers' needs in an all-round way.

We sincerely hope to establish good faith interaction, win-win cooperation, mutual benefit and long-term friendly cooperation with our customers.

Business range
Serving your needs in the steel industry
Providing quality and economic hydraulic parts
Meeting your demands of advanced instruments

Cooperative analysis
1. Advantage
1.1 Optimize cost and substitute other imported brand pipe fittings
1.2 The quality of pipe fittings and equipment is stable and the production is controllable
1.4 Solve the emergency needs, special needs and flexibility
1.3 Recover equipment investment in short term and form long-term supporting capacity
2. Inferiority
At the beginning, we need to understand and trust each other
3. Opportunity
3.1 Make full use of Changsong's global and multi brand supporting service capability of emergency, special, small batch and imported parts in the field of industrial metallurgy
4. Threaten
4.1 The cost may change due to the fluctuation of raw materials

CSIEQUIPT-High speed rotary union is mainly used in electric power, steel, petroleum, chemical and large equipment factories. It has strong sealing, more wear-resistant than ordinary joints, and short delivery time. Welcome to contact us.

We are an SD steel manufacturer, mainly producing bisalloy steel, High Strength Wear Resistant Steel, and other steel products. We also sell hydraulic hose fittings, stainless valve, chain drive belt, and ultra-low factory prices. Welcome to consult us.


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