Steel Grating Platform

Components: load-bearing bar, crossbar, (crimp bar and rivet for riveted grille).

Material: carbon steel, aluminum steel, stainless steel.

Surface treatment: galvanized, polished, painted, powder coated, etc.

Manufacture: welding, type forging locking, compression locking, riveting, dense mesh steel.

Surface type: standard flat (glossy) surface, serrated surface.

Bearing rod type: rectangular rod or I-beam.

Bearing rod spacing: 1-3/16", 15/16 (standard); 7/16" to 11/16" (dense mesh).

Crossbar spacing: 2", 4".

Riveted grille bearing bar spacing: 1-1/8", 3/4".

Riveted grille cross bar spacing: 7", 3".

Riveted crimp bar size: 3/4" × 1/8", 1" × 1/8".

Steel grating platform Xingbei is mainly used on the industrial platform , walkway, drainage cover , well cover , oil platform , stair tread and Various Floor etc.

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