Standard USB 3.0 A Type Male Part,Mount PCB & DIP type with Position posts

Standard USB 3.0 A Type Male Part,Mount PCB & DIP type with Position posts
Customized USB 3.0 Connectors
USB 3.0 With Cover
USB3.0 A Type, Male Part, Mount PCB, DIP shell and DIP contacts, this part is widely used for mainboard of STB, Desktop, Computure, TV,etc. The speed of Tranferring date can be up to 5GB/Sec. Fully meet USB3.0 Association Standard.
Type USB 3.0 A Type Male Part,DIP  type with Position legs(Sink PCB type).
Materials For housing can be LCP,PA6T,PA9T and so on 
For shell can be SPCC, Copper and so on.
Both are depands on custoer request
Colour Blue or Black or Customized Color
Plating For Shell, Ni and Tin Plating 
For Contact,Au,Ni,and Tin Plating
Plating Thickness For Shell, 50U',100U' or Higher
For Contact, 1U',3U'5U'15U',30U' or Higher
Both are depands on custoer request
Electronical Current Rated:1.8 Amperes for pin1&pin4.
                       0.25 Amperes other contacts
Rated Voltage:C 100V(RMS)
Contact Resistance:3OmΩ Max for pin1&pin4
                                5OmΩMax for other contacts
Insulation Resistance:100Megohms Min
Machenical Insertion Force:.35N Max
Withdraw Force:10N Min
Application Electromechanical Equipment, Automobile Supporting Equipment, Medical Equipment, Small household appliances equipment, Beauty equipment and Network equipment and other products
Package Tray Package or Tape Reel Or Customized Package
Delivery Time Usually 25-35 days after receiving the 30% deposit
Payment terms TT, L/C, DP or Negotiable
Note This part is only one sample for this serious products, we can change the shell, the legs and even housing to make lots of similar parts. We are so able to produce other standard as per the clients' requirements. Just let us know. We are also Black USB 3.0 Connectors Supplier.

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