Silica Sand

Xuankun Silica sand is a hard, wear resistance, chemical stability silicate minerals, its main mineral composition is SiO2, color is white or colorless translucent, hardness 7, refractory is much more than 1750°C. Silica sand has high fireproof performance.
Silica sand is prepared by crushing the selected nature silica into small particle size, it is also called silicon fine powder, it is widely used in concrete and refractory materials.
Advantage for Silica Powder
1. High quality and purity, anti-corrosive, anti- acid.
2.Competitive price.We own two rich deposit silica mines with purity SiO2 content.
3.Various particle size meet your requirements.
Silica Sand Application
1. It is used for high performance concrete, improve the strength of concrete, improve the performance and prolong the life of concrete.
2. Used in refractories, enhance fluidity, ruduce water consumption, improve product strength and durability.
3. It is used for dry powder mortar and grouting material to improve early strength.
4. It is used for wear-resistant floor, increasing the flow degree to improve corrosion resistance.

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