Silica Brick for Glass Furnace

What's Silica Refractory Brick for Glass Kiln
Silica bricks for glass furnace refers to the silicon refractory product used in high temperature glass kiln(not contact with the glass liquid), it is a kind of acid refractory mainly made from tridymite, cristobalite, a small amount of residual quartz and glass phase. High quality silica bricks for glass furnace are characterized by high silica content and low melting index.The higher SiO2 content, the higher temperature silica bricks resist.
Glass kiln silica brick has high temperature and volume stability, no pollution to glass liquid, chemical corrosion resistance, small bulk density, and can reduce the weight of furnace body.
Advantages for Glass Furnaces Silica Bricks
1. Good stability under high temperature
2. RUL is 1680℃
3. Good corrosion resistance of acid slag
4. No pollution to the glass liquid
5. Good heat resistance and long service life

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