Rim detection

Zhongke Rim detection can achieve wheel rim measurement through the train wheel tread fault bai detection device, Zhongke series products wheel rim detection system for a wide range of environments, a wide range of operating temperatures, suitable for industrial environments and a variety of experimental environments for high-precision applications. The laser displacement sensor has a digital integrated structure, wheel rim detection system 0.1% high linearity, 0.02% high resolution, low cost, 9.4KHz high response, IP67 high protection level and can be synchronized and other high performance.
Wheel rim detection products in addition to the standard series, can be ordered in a variety of sizes to adapt to the harsh environment, laser displacement sensor can also be customized according to the special needs of users. If you do not know whether the performance of the product can meet your needs, you can apply for a sample trial, we help you solve the problems in the test process until you are satisfied. We also offer software and hardware integration of measurement systems such as part size, profile, thickness, etc.
The accompanying sensor software is also provided to run on a computer. The software provides simple data reading, display and laser displacement sensor parameter setting functions. It also provides a sensor development library (currently only supports Windows) in the form of a DLL that encapsulates the underlying serial communication protocol details and provides an easy-to-use programming interface for developers to quickly develop application software.

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