RBM Series Metal Wall Switch

Product Description
Model NO. RBM Detection Method Reflection Type
Contact type type a contact Certification CE
Brand OEM Panel Material Metel
Lead time 20-30 days MOQ 1000pcs
Inside Material Copper parts sliver point Max. Current 10A
Mechanical life 10+years Max. Voltage 220V-250V
Color Face brushed chrome, backside black Transport Package Standard export package
Specification 86*86 Origin Zhejiang, China

Our light switch life is guaranteed, there are other advantages:
1. Wholesale light switches can support electrical appliances of different wattages and capacities. Some have built-in fluctuation stabilizers.
2. Wholesale light switch, which can control lights, fans, air conditioners, heaters, etc., has a small size suitable for households and a large size suitable for more commercial applications.
3. Light switches are not only functional, but also an indispensable and eye-catching part of any space decoration.
4. Wholesale light switch can choose materials including: plastic, metal and chrome. These products are designed to be scratch-proof, shock-proof and dust-proof, ensuring the most relaxing experience for users.
5. In addition to the on and off function, the wholesale light switch also contains a controller, which can control the brightness or speed according to the connected items.

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