PPR Female Adaptor (Threaded Coupling)

PPR Female Adaptor (Threaded Coupling) PPR Copper Thread Female Elbow ppr pipe fittings suppliers

PPR fitting female coupling(copper thread) is used to connect PPR pipes with metal pipes, fittings or instruments. When connecting with household faucets, water meters and other water-using devices, it connectors are needed due to the design of water-using instruments.Its copper threads are not connected to PPR pipe, only can connected fittings, instruments and meters.
XY PPR pipe fitting collocate pipe cover of gaining patent and have ornament with adding tendon. Pipe cover escapes the infection of appearance beauty witch is caused by the things that melting out when heat sealing. Adding tendon is for the sake of references that whether verticality or not in the installation process, at the same time for the sake of intensifying the intension of pipe fittings, and it not only can make the appearance more beautiful, but also can make up the simplex and ragged disadvantage of ordinary PPR pipe fittings.
Items PPR Female Adaptor(Threaded Coupling)
material PP-R from Korea
size DN20 25 32 40 50 63 75 90 110
color white,green,gray or customized
connection hot melting
pressure PN12.5 to PN25
Temperature (-40)° c ~ +100°c
Certification TP,CE,IOS9001,ISO14001,SGS,TUV,BV
Serviceable life more than 50 years
Vicat softening temperature 130.5°c
Advantages of Threaded Coupling
1. Heat-fusion jointing results in homogenous plastic system ensuring leak-proof joints
2. Heat-fusion jointing results in homogenous plastic system ensuring leak-proof joints
3. Very less coefficient of friction
Very less coefficient of friction, ensures high flow properties, reduce pumping cost
4. Antimicrobial inside layer of 3 layered pipe adds to safety against bacterial growth ensuring safe drinking water
5. Specially formulated thermax pipes reduce linear expansion / contraction of pipes due to temperature variance, ensuring suitability for outdoor application

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