Perforated Liners

Perforated liner is a sand control screen widely used in the horizontal completion wells of SAGD and other thermal heavy oil recovery. It is made of stainless steel or galvanized steel pipes slotted with single, double line or staggered patterns. This metal tubing has excellent properties in withstanding installation loads and operation loads make it the premier choice for SAGD.

The perforating of liners are done with laser cutting process without contact operation. This process can effectively avoid undesirable factors which will cause the deformation of the base pipe. Laser cutting process uses windows interface for easy operation and accurate calculation.

Perforated liner geometry consists of stamped length, stamped width, line density and perforating distribution. All these parameters can be bespoken to achieve the required open area. For example, multiple staggered pattern or gang pattern significantly increases the open area compared with single cut pattern.

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