Mud Gun Mud Gun Is Used In Oil Field Drilling

Mud Gun Mud Gun Is Used In Oil Field Drilling

Mud Gun is also called drilling fluid gun which is solid control equipment produced by DC Solid control.

Mud Gun is divided into low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure. It is located in the top of the drilling fluid circulating tank and mainly used in the tank corner to prevent solid precipitation or and wash the bottom of the tank,it also can transport the mud between tank and tanks. Besides, mud guns can be supplied by centrifugal pump or mud pump.
Mud Guns produced by our company have the advantages of good spray effect ,large clean area,simple structure,flexible operation and easy to use.

Mud Gun Parameters
Diameter 50mm(2") 80mm(3")
Work Pressure 1.0Mpa~3.2Mpa
Nozzle Number 3
Rotation Angle 120°
length 1500mm or customized
Dimension 1900×460×360mm 1900×460×360mm
weight 45kg 50kg

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