LFP135Ah Standard Module (VDA)

LFP135Ah Standard Module (VDA) Vda Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Wholesale Vda Lithium Ion Battery Exporter

LFP135Ah Standard Module is the typical 355 VDA module and is composed of 1P4S LFP79148102-135Ah, data collecting unit of BMS and fixed fittings. The capacity and voltage of LFP135Ah Standard Module is 12.8V135Ah. Standard module as the standard group structure can be connected in series to expand voltage and in parallel to expand capacity.

Standard Module VDA Specification
LFP135Ah 1P4S-12.8V135Ah
1 Nominal voltage(V) 12.8
2 Operating voltage(V) min 10 T: 25±3℃
3 max 14.6  T: 25±3℃
4 Nominal capacity(Ah) 135 1/3C,100%DOD
5 Nominal energy(KWh ) 1.728 1/3C,100%DOD
7 Group mode 1P4S
8 Module weight(kg) 11.6
9 Maximum continuous charge current(A) 187.2
10 Maximum continuous discharge current(A) 270
11 Maximum pulse charge current(A) 270 @10S,SOC≤70%
12 Maximum pulse discharge current(A) 405 @10S,SOC≥30% 
14 SOC operating range(%) 10~90
15 Module cooling method Natural cooling
16 Module heating method No Or  heating film
17 Temperature detector qty. 2
18 Shipping capacity (SOC) 50%±5 SOC is consistency in the same batch
19 Temp. Condition(℃) Charge 0~55
Discharge -20~55
Storage -30~55
20 Dimension L (mm) 355
21 Dimension W(mm) 152
22 Dimension H(mm) 108.5
23 Relevant product standard GB/T 31484—2015
GB/T 31485—2015
GB/T 31486—2015

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