Hexagonal Wire Mesh

Hexagonal Wire Mesh
Hexagonal wire netting, also known as hex netting, poultry wire, chicken coop wire mesh, chicken coop galvanized wire mesh, bird cage, rabbit mesh etc.
Name Hexagonal Wire Mesh
Material Galvanized, PVC coated, stainless steel
Twist style Reverse twist, normal twist
Type 1) Hot -dipped galvanized after weaving
2) Hot -dipped galvanized before weaving
3) Electro galvanized before weaving
4) PVC-coated
5) Stainless steel

Hexagonal Wire Mesh Packing Detail:
(1) Shrink film+ label
(2) Water-proof paper+ shrink film+ label
(3) Water-proof paper+ shrink film+label, then in card board carton
(4) Water-proof paper+ shrink film+label, then in pallet.
(5) Pack as customers' specific requirements.
Hexagonal Wire Mesh Best® Advantages:

(1) Corrosion- resistant, rust-resistant.

(2) Oxidation –resistant, good tensile strength.

(3) Uniform mesh size, flat and even mesh surface, weave tightly.

(4) Galvanized /pvc coated for longer life, low costs.

(5) Easy to handle and cut.

Hexagonal Wire Mesh Application:

(1) Used for raising chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, etc.

(2) Protection of machinery and equipment, highway fencing, sports venues fencing, road.

(3) Protecting and supporting seawalls, hillsides, roads, oridges, reservoirs and other civil engineering.

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