Grass Manhole Cover

Grass Manhole Cover
Product Information: Manhole Covers,Gratings are manufactured for Construction, Electric, Water, Gas, Sanitary Product specifications: 700mm*650mm*580mm
What is Grass Manhole Cover?
Grass manhole cover along with elegant look and also extreme sturdiness, grass manhole cover is made from stainless-steel quality 304 in one marking procedure, which are defined by lengthy life span, high compressive strength as well as very easy installment. It is suitable for Local building and also Urban greening.

Unlike regular recessed covers, grass manhole cover include pre-drilled drainage openings which enable rainwater to drain pipes via normally. Incorporated with our copyrighted technology, this water is filtered and lawn will expand inside the tray. Inevitably this leads to a cosmetically pleasing remedy for client and professional. The covers can additionally be loaded with various other materials such as rubber crumb, synthetic grass, decorative crushed rocks or any type of porous surfacing product.

Unique sizes can be manufactured as needed.

Product Properties
1. Product Information: Manhole Covers,Gratings are manufactured for Construction, Electric, Water, Gas, Sanitary

Road Facility and Public use.

2. Material: Stainless steel, hot dip galvanized

3. Designs: EN124 A15, B125, C250, D400, E600 and F900, As per customers' drawings or samples

4. Process: Molding - Casting -Cleaning- Coating- Packing - Shipping

5. Coating: Cold applied black bitumen; Without coating; Coating as per customers' requirement

6. Different accessories are available

7. Packing: Steel or wood pallet, or as per customers' requirements

Grass Manhole Cover Features
UV-resistant material makes it possible for application of the covers in areas with higher UV-radiation.

grass manhole cover displays premium Weather condition resistance attributes compared to regular polymer concrete or plastic manhole cover.

Life span: greater than 30 years.

pre-drilled drain openings

patented innovation

high stamina: constructed from stainless-steel quality 304in one stamping procedure.

severe toughness as well as corrosion resistance.

visual solutions: enables developing visually smooth flooring

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