Galvanized Wire

We supply full range of galvanized wires for Mesh Netting, Fencing, Nails, Hangers, Barbed Wires, Tie Wires, PC Strand and other uses. Common round wire and shaped wire ( flat, oval) for specific applications. Iron wire or black wire going through galvanizing process gains corrosion resistance and durability which make it suitable for outdoor uses.

Standard Galvanized Wire and Heavily Galvanized Steel Wire
Diameter from 0.70m up to 10.00mm drawn from low and high carbon steel.

Galvanized steel wires according to chemical components:
Low carbon steel wire, 0.25% carbon content max.;
Medium carbon steel wire, 0.25-0.60% carbon content min.;
High carbon steel wire, 0.60% carbon content min;
Alloy steel wires.

Galv. wires, according to final heat treatment:
Annealed wire
Quench tempering wire

Galv. wires according to processing:
Cold drawing wire;
Cold rolling wire;
Hot drawing wire;
Straightening wire;
Polished wire and ground wire.

Tensile strength:
Low strength wire, 500 to 800 MPa above;
General strength wire, 800 to 1000 MPa above;
High strength wire, 1000 to 2000 Mpa above;
Higher strength wire, 2000 to 3000 MPa above;
Extra high strength wire, 3000 MPa above.

Galvanized Wire, with different galv. processing and materials:
Zinc coated wire, electro galv.
Zinc coated wire, hot dipped galvanized
Aluminium + zinc coated wire, or Galfan galv
Galvanised wire, PVC, vinyl, poly powder coated

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