FRP air valve

FRP air valve
Product Description
FRP air volume control valve
The FRP air volume control valve is an indispensable accessory in the ventilation, air conditioning and air purification engineering of industrial plants and civil buildings. It is generally used in the ventilation system pipes to adjust the air volume of the branch pipes, and can also be used for the mixed adjustment of fresh air and return air. .
1. Features of FRP air volume control valve:
1. High mechanical strength, easy installation, acid resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance (180 degrees), flexible opening. Products are widely used in chemical, electric power, pharmaceutical, pesticide, dye, smelting, sewage treatment, marine aquaculture and other industries
2. Pressure environment of FRP damper: 0.6-10 (Mpa); Nominal diameter: DN50~DN2000 (mm) and can be customized according to customer needs. Advantages of FRP damper: light and hard, non-conductive, and mechanical strength High, corrosion resistance, easy installation, high temperature resistance.
3. The main corrosive parts such as valve body and valve plate are designed as FRP materials for FRP butterfly valves. The types of fiber, fabric and resin used in FRP parts are determined by the working conditions of the butterfly valve. The main shape of the FRP valve body is a straight tube, and its structural feature is based on a section of FRP straight pipe, and then it is manufactured by adding flanges and sealing rings. This kind of butterfly valve has the characteristics of strong corrosion resistance, low cost, simple and flexible manufacturing process.
4. The pipe size of the split multi-leaf air volume regulating valve is the same as that of the rectangular and circular air pipes specified by the standardization of FRP pipes.
5. The blades of the FRP air volume regulating valve are split-opening and forward-opening. They are used as regulating valves in ventilated glass steel pipe fittings, air conditioning, and air purification systems.
6. Tested and measured, the air-tightness of the FRP air volume regulating valve is good, the relative air leakage is about 5%, and the regulating performance is good.
7. Using high-quality vinyl resin as raw material, it is made by the "winding + hand lay-up" molding process, and the surface is added with anti-ultraviolet and anti-aging gel coat. It has many characteristics such as anti-corrosion, high temperature resistance and anti-aging. It is suitable for chemical and food processing. , Necessary pipe fittings for sewage deodorization pipeline.
Second, the scope of application of the air volume control valve
It is widely used in industrial, mining, and civil building HVAC systems. The sewage and exhaust gas treatment system accurately adjusts the air flow. It is one of the key equipment to control the frequency meter and ventilation mode in various environments. Its main features are flexible operation, low noise, small leakage, (closed type leakage<0.5%) wide operating temperature range, reliable structure, safety and convenience

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