DZL Series Coal Fuel Steam Boiler

DZL Series Coal Fuel Steam Boiler commercial boiler manufacturers industrial boiler coal steam boiler

Coal Fired Steam Boiler Features
1. The drum consists of arched tube sheet and spirally corrugated tube, which makes the shell change from the quasi-rigid into quasi-elastic, so as to prevent the tube sheet from cracking.
2. The ascending calandrias are arranged under the drum. With this arrangement, the dead water zone at the bottom of drum is eliminated, and the sludge is difficult to subside on it. As a result, the high-temperature region of drum obtains better cooling, and the bulge phenomenon at the bottom of boiler is eliminated effectively.
3. It increases the reliability of water circulation and prevents the occurrence of cartridge igniter through adopting the backwater injection instead of front down pipes.
The optimal design of the spirally corrugated tube strengthens the heat transfer, speeds up temperature rapidly and enhances the boiler steam rate.
4. It is the rational design of arch inside the furnace that improves combustion condition, enhances the dust falling function in it and reduces the pollutant emission of the boiler.
5. With good sealing, the wind box is easily to operate and can provide rational wind. Consequently, it reduces the air excess coefficient and increases the boiler thermal efficiency.
6. With compact structure, smaller boundary dimension than other same volume boilers, it can save the investment of capital construction for the boiler room.

The technical parameter table of the DZL series steam boilers
Boiler Model DZL1-0.7-AII DZL2-1.0-AII DZL4-1.25-AII DZL6-1.25-AII DZL10-1.25-AII
Rated Evaporation (t / h) 1 2 4 6 10
Nominal steam Pressure (MPa) 0.7 1.0 1.25 1.25 1.25
Rated Steam Temperature (℃) 171 184 194 194 194
Rated feed Water Temperature (℃) 20 20 20 20 20
Heating  Area (㎡) 30.5 64.2 128 190.4 364.6
Applicable Coal Class II Bituminous Coal
Active grate area (㎡) 2 3.6 5.29 7.37 12.67
Coal Consumption (kg/h) 220.8 440.2 892.5 1315.8 2135.9
Exhaust gas  Temperature (℃) 145 138 137 135 132
Design Efficiency (%) 82.5 82.5 82.3 82.6 85
Maximum Transport Weight (t) 15 19.5 30.5 30(TOP)
7.5(BOTTOM) 40(TOP)
Maximum Transport Dimensions
L × W × H (m) 4.6×2.2×2.9 5.3×2.6×3.1 6.4×2.94×3.43 6.3×3.0×3.55 6.6×2.5×1.7 6.5×3.67×3.54 8.2×3.25×2.15
Installation Overall Dimensions
L × W × H (m) 4.7×3.3×3.4 5.3×4.0×4.2 6.4×4.5×4.5 7.2×6.6×5.03 9.4×5.8×6.1

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