Coconut Shell Activated Carbon for Drinking Water

Product Description
Coconut shell activated carbon for drinking water purification has the characteristics of good abrasion resistance, high adsorption performance and long use time. It has good efficiency in purifying pure water and high pure water. It is an ideal material for electronic industry beer and water purification equipment.
In daily life, coconut shell activated carbon can basically be used in three aspects:
1. Drinking water treatment.
2. Ultrapure water treatment.
3. Swimming pools and aquariums.
Technical Principle
Coconut activated carbon for drinking water purification is refined by a special silver-loading process, and is widely used in water purifiers, mineral pots, drinking fountains and other purification equipment. Its water purification effect is higher than that of ordinary water purification charcoal. Activated carbon loaded with silver can also play a role in sterilization and inhibition of bacteria in accordance with the fretting effect of silver ions, removing peculiar smell, odor and trace toxic and harmful substances in the water. The purified water can be directly consumed.
The silver-loaded coconut shell activated carbon for drinking water treatment can be used for pure water purification, sterilization, removal of organic matter, harmful substances and heavy metals, and can be used as a water filter and filter element filling. The coconut shell activated carbon used for drinking water treatment is also the carrier of fluidized bed and floating bed biological treatment systems. It is used to remove a variety of organic and inorganic pollutants in water, such as phenol, cyanide, mercury, and hexavalent chromium ions, and absorb peculiar smell, chlorine and chroma in water.

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