AC DC Pulse TIG Welding Machines

TIG Welding Machine Features
Advanced double inverter technology.
Three phase power supply, light weight.
HF ARC start for TIG, ARC force for MMA, 2t/4t and pulse control function for TIG
AC/DC and pulse TIG suitable for steel, stainless steel, aluminum.
Digital display, current preset adjusting, can be with foot controller.
TIG Welding Machines Specifications
Technical Parameters  Alpha AC/DC TIG   160
Rated Input Voltage (V) AC220V
Power Frequency(Hz) 50/60
Rated Input Current(A) 25.1(AC   TIG), 20.0(DC TIG), 30.0(MMA)
Rated Input Power(KVA) 5.5(AC   TIG), 4.4(DC   TIG), 6.6(MMA)
No-load Voltage(V)  60
AC Frequency(Hz)  50~100
Welding Current(A)  15~160(AC TIG) , 10~160(DC TIG), 10~160(MMA)  
Rated Duty Cycle%(40℃)  25(AC   TIG), 20(DC   TIG), 20(MMA)  
Efficiency(Rated Conditions)  ≧0.85 
Insulation Class F 
Protection Grade  IP21S 
(mm)Dimension(mm)  465x200x335

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