2020 multifunctional drip coffee bag packing machine in the market

2020 multifunctional drip coffee bag packing machine in the market
Drip coffee bag packing machine with the ability to pack both drip coffee bags and tea bags.

Auger filler, high accuracy, easy to clean and disassemble.

Multi-language touch screen, simple operation, meet the thinking way and using custom of user.

Capacity up to 50 bags/min.

Touch-sensitive temperature controller, .

Nitrogen gas filling device, keep the taste and fresh right before drinking (Optional).

Simple design structure, easy to replace and maintain.

Stable working performance, durable and long-life service.

3-side ultrasonic sealing & cutting technology, produce beautiful bag with high qualified rate.

Features of Drip Coffee Bag Packing Machine

1.Capacity up to 30,000.00 bags/day.

2.Hygienic design, all the parts in contact with packing material are made ofStainless steel.

3.Efficient, stable and reliable.

4.Imported photoelectric detecting, automatic tracking.

5.Comply CE standard.

Model HiTec-DC HiTec-LC HiTec-IC
Capacity 40 bags/min 50 bags/min 60 bags/min
Packing method 3-side ultrasonic sealing & cutting
Packing material Inner: Nylon/PLA/PET/Non woven(Suitable for ultrasonic sealing)Outer: Laminated film, such as PE, PET, OPP(Suitable for heat sealing) Nylon/PLA/PET/Non woven(Suitable for ultrasonic sealing)
Film width Inner: 120-200mm Outer: 140-220mm 120-200mm
Bag size Drip coffee bag: 90 * 70/74mmRectangular bag: 40-65mm * 60-90mm
Compressed air 160L/min(0.4-0.6Mpa) 320L/min(0.6Mpa) /
Power Standard: 1-P, 220VAC, 1.8KW Standard: 1-P, 220VAC, 2.5KW Standard: 1-P, 220VAC, 1.5KW
Weight 495kg 798kg 265kg

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