2 Gang Wifi Switch

Introduction of TNC smart scene switch
TNC smart home system based on ZigBee protocol, applied to smart switch, smart socket, smart sensors, smart curtain motor, smart down light and smart tape light products; with a gateway as a transfer station. Using "SMART LIFE" app or "Tuya" app to program the auto linkage control, scene control, voice control, remote control, timing and so on, to realize the smart control of home lighting system;
1. can use mobile phone to control and program scene control, for example watch movie, dinner, sleep, warm, bright, master control and so on , (most important);
2. can speak to control: speak to Amzaon Echo, Google assistant, siri, and APP.
3. can remember your setting when wifi not working; when there is no wifi, you can still use the scene control by manually, after wifi comes back, everything same as before;
4. can work with body sensor or door sensor to switch on the lights automatically; the sensor equipped on the door, when you open the door, the lights turn on automatically. Mid night, when you get up to toilet, the body sensor will detect you and turn on the night light.
5. can program the time of switching on and off the lights automatically, and repeat every day or every week;
6. can give you feedback the condition of your home lights;

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