1000W 24V Wind Power Generator

The 5 blades horizontal axis wind turbine has a smart blade aerodynamics braking and electromagnetic speed limitation function.
Product Description
1 .Descriptions
The 5 blades horizontal axis wind turbine has a smart blade aerodynamics braking and electromagnetic speed limitation function. Patented aerofoil 5 blades design with true symmetrical and twisted aerodynamic feature which ensures rotor capture maximum power from wind and operates in amazingly low noise and minimal vibration. True symmetrical and balanced aerofoil blade ensure rotor matching with generator perfectly. Large ratio of tip section chord to root section chord and variable chord airfoil blade ensures rotor start-up easily and running smoothly with high torque and RPM at lower wind condition. Aerodynamic blades designed with over-speed braking system to make sure generator well protected in higher wind. Reinforced Glass-Fiber Nylon is using advanced thermoplastic engineering and precision injection molding technology for higher strength, flexibility and reliability. Our wind turbine with minimal vibration and low noise could be mounted on rooftop safely and its operation won’t affect resident.
2. Applications
1000W Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine 5 Blades With Aerodynamic Braking suitable for residential and commercial applications both for off grid and on grid power systems. The unit provides a durable, reliable usage for off-grid home, island hostel, telecoms repeaters, wind solar charging station, remote security monitoring and communication facilities, remote holiday hotel, military base camp, off-grid fishing or hunting cabins, etc.

3. Special features - Minimal vibration and low noise operation
Everything with moving parts will make some noise and vibration, and wind turbines are no exception, most noise and vibration are caused by turbine blades rotation in the wind and generator resonates with rotor and tower, HY Energy well designed wind turbine could work quietly in both low and high wind.
● The blades have exceptional consistency and aerodynamic outline with a mass distribution which ensures the rotor operate with minimal vibration and very low noise;
● Perfectly matched rotor and generator cause much less resonance of wind turbine and tower;
● Blade aerodynamics braking limits blade to rotate at rated RPM which could avoid higher noise and vibration caused by extreme wind.
4. Specifications
Model HY-1000L/24V
Rated Output 1000W
Peak Output 1200W
Rated Voltage(V) Off-grid DC24V
Start-up Speed 2 m/s or 4.5mph
Cut-in Speed 2.5m/s or 5.6mph
Rated Wind speed 12m/s or 26.8mph
System average Cp. >0.36
Rate Charging Current (A) DC41.7/20.8
Noise level 12,000 sets
Certificate Certified by ISO9001:2000, CE, RoHS, ETL
5. Tower Installation:
An ideal location for wind generator is required with stable speed and direction of prevailing wind. Small changes in wind speed and direction can have a dramatic effect on power production. In general, the higher the tower, the greater the wind speed and ultimately power production are. Therefore, the site of your wind turbine should be carefully considered. Each installation is different and is often compromised among the tower height, distance from the battery bank, local zoning requirements and obstacles such as buildings and trees. Following requirements should be followed:
● The minimum recommended tower height is 20 ft (6 m) on open ground or 20 ft (6 m) above nearby obstructions;
● Try to locate the wind turbine in the “cleanest” turbulent free air as possible. Turbulence will reduce the efficiency of wind turbine and may accelerate wear on rotating components.
● Try to locate the turbine without obstacles within 200m of installation center.
● The installation distance between two turbines should be 8-10 times of the rotor diameter.
● Installation site should be complied with local regulations.

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