1000l fiber glass reinforced plastic water tank for storage liquid

FYGRP horizontal vessels tank

Classification by structure
FYGRP horizontal vessels tank have single wall tank and double wall tank, single wall tank is mainly used for storage of water, double wall tank is mainly used for storage of dangerous product and petroleum, Used in sewage treatment and chemical industry. For the interior layer of double wall tank, three dimensional fiberglass adopted, and alarm device is equipped. 
1)horizontal tank-single wall
2)horizontal tank-double wall

Classification by attribute
1)Acid proof tank (tank for HCL, H2SO4, phosphoric acid, nitric acid, organic acid,  fluosilicic acid,  hydrofluoric acid etc.)
2)Alkali proof tank
3)Brine tank
4)sewage tank
Classification by shape
1)Horizontal tank with saddles
2)Horizontal tank without saddles
1)Excellent corrosion resistance
2)High mechanical strength with pressure resistance
3)Very Light weight
4)Good insulating qualities
5)Provide less maintenance & repairs down time
6)Easy installation, less maintenance
7)Anti-aging and long service life
horizontal FRP tank is gradually taking the place of metal tanks in many field. Horizontal FRP tank is supplied for both above and underground applications and has an extensive usage in metallurgic industry, chemical industry, medical treatment industry, light industry, construction industry, textile industry, food industry and electroplating waste water treatment, etc.

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