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JinHua Xiangyi Trading Co., Ltd. is a direct official overseas sales company of many fitness product manufacturers. Its products are sold to Europe, America, Latin America, the Middle East and other countries, with customers all over the world. The company boasts outstanding young overseas customer service staff, who are proficient in many foreign languages such as English, French, Spanish, German, Italian etc, with no obstacles in communicating and cooperating with customers. The subsidiaries are all large-scale domestic fitness equipment manufacturers, winning high praise from foreign investors in terms of quality control. Our company constantly adheres to the principle of integrity, serving customers wholeheartedly. Our products have high price-quality ratio and competitive advantages, thus universally recognized in the industry and widely acclaimed among overseas customers. We warmly welcome overseas friends from all over the world to learn about our company and products, and wish to become your loyal and reliable supplier of first-class fitness equipment.

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